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MTB lygter til den aktive familie

Are you ready to hit the gas when it gets dark again in the evening – do you already have good lighting for your mountain bike? If not, it is worth buying one or two MTB lights that provide plenty of light on the dark path. At Easy-light you will find all the bicycle lights you can think of and buy at Denmark’s cheapest prices. Let us know when we are ready to advise you on your purchase of a light!!

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Powerful MTB lights for driving in the dark

Powerful MTB lights for wild riding in the dark, night riding, evening riding – it’s insanely challenging and some limits are tested that you haven’t done before – you really get to test your skills on uneven terrain, while you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature at night.

You can do this by driving in the dark on a mountain bike with a pair of powerful bike lights for MTB. When you ride a mountain bike at night – i.e. marked riding – you must first of all pay attention to the following in relation to riding safely:

  • Make sure you ride with others.
  • Avoid dazzling oncoming traffic with too bright a light.
  • Show respect for the fauna and wildlife of the forest.
  • Only drive in forests where it is legal.

The unique thing about riding in the dark on a mountain bike is that your vision is limited, and thus your senses are sharpened in a completely different way. It feels cool and extremely challenging. However, you must always ensure that the security is in order. That is why we always recommend powerful and reliable lights for MTB, so that you can have both a safe and unique experience. Read more about choosing good MTB bicycle lights further down.

Better safety with good MTB bike lights

Why is it really so important to invest in good MTB lights for your bike? Yes, now you have to listen. You must have 2 MTB lights on the front of your MTB. They must be there both for your safety and for the safety of others.

They must also help you to be seen. That is clear. The stronger (with high lumens) and better MTB lights you have on your bike, the easier it is for others to spot you – especially if you ride in the woods on your MTB at night.

They also have the important task of helping you see the terrain you are driving on. In fact, it doesn’t have to be completely dark for it to be necessary. This is especially true if you drive on very uneven terrain with stumps, stones and many small bends. For your safety, it is therefore naturally necessary that you choose a powerful mtb headlight . It is an invaluable aid when you have to orientate yourself in the dark.

2 headlights

As I said, you must have 2 lights in front when you ride on MTB tracks. At Easy-light, we recommend that the 2 MTB lights that you must have in front should sit on the bicycle handlebars and on your helmet. The headlight you put on the handlebars must be at least 800 lumens, but we recommend that you use a light with 4 links (approx. 4000 lumens). The mtb light for helmet that we would recommend is a light with 2 LEDs (ie approx. 2000 lumens) or more. But remember the number of LEDs and the stated lumens on the lights are not always the decisive factor – the quality of the LED, the battery used, how the light is dispersed in the light are also factors that are decisive for the light’s performance.

By choosing according to our recommendation above, you are the very best protected when riding a mountain bike. You will thus have a powerful MTB light that functions as a headlamp that follows your vision when you turn your head and there will always be someone on the handlebars pointing straight ahead.

So it does not matter what you choose. At Easy-Light you can find a large selection of MTB lights of very high quality. We dare to promise that you can find the right ones that match your exact needs, the terrain and the light conditions you’re speeding away in. With bike lights for MTB like the ones you can find here at Easy-Light, there are no limits for how late in the evening you can ride your mountain bike.

These bicycle lights-MTB are for those of you who want to challenge yourself and make your mountain bike trip even more challenging and adventurous, while at the same time knowing that you will have a super cool and safe experience. With powerful MTB bike lights (at least 800 lumens) you can venture out at any time of the day.

How many MTB lights should you have – Forest driving

When you have to choose the right MTB light for your night riding, you must first of all decide with yourself how many bike lights MTB you need. It is recommended that you have at least one MTB light if you only have to ride in the woods and at least three MTB lights if you also have to ride on the road. As a starting point, the best MTB light for night riding is the one that can sit on the helmet. This is how you get an overview of the course of the roads and the uneven terrain with a kind of headlamp.

If you also have to ride on the road, it is extremely important that you not only have an MTB light on your helmet, but also a pair of bicycle lights, which are mounted on the bike both at the front and at the back. It is not enough to have a powerful MTB light on the helmet and then an MTB light on the back of the bike. If you look to the side, behind or down towards the ground, your MTB light follows you, and you will not be visible to any oncoming drivers. That is why it is important that you also mount MTB lights both in front, both a light for the handlebars and an MTB helmet light, as well as a good rear light for your mountain bike.

Choosing bicycle lights for MTB – Forest riding So far we have focused mostly on brightness (lumen) and the placement of the lights on your MTB. However, there are many other things that you have to consider when looking for the right mountain bike lights for your exciting bike rides. As general advice, you should go for MTB lights that have a minimum of 1000 lumens to do well with. Everything below is primarily for roads without street lights and general. City driving with flat terrain.

Choice of lumens

You must of course consider the number of lumens. If you choose to have 2 ultra-sharp lights of over 4000 lumens, the amount of light corresponds next to daylight. And then a bit of the tension goes away. How much or strong light you want depends on your courage, your sense of adventure and, not least, your experience. On the other hand, 1000 lumens is also very little, but it can do well for a headlight for bicycle handlebars.

In addition to lumens, however, you must also look at factors such as the spread of light on the road (this can be compared to a camera’s wide angle), battery life, weight, functions for setting brightness and the number of LEDs.

It is important to have good LED lights for your MTB, but without power the hero (the light) cannot last – so it is also important to find the right number of batteries for your lights, therefore: Find a battery for your MTB light here

Choose an LED lights for MTB

The most popular type of MTB light is an LED bike light for mountain bikes. With an LED MTB bicycle light, you can illuminate large parts of the road in front of you, achieve a better view and overview and thus have an even better experience on your mountain bike. It is also clearly the type of bicycle light for mountain bikes that we would recommend that you go for – whatever your needs and wishes may be.

LED MTB lights are incredibly popular, as they have the advantage that they do not generate as much heat as older types. This means that they are very power-saving, which means that you can take a smaller battery with you on your MTB trip.

Buy MTB lights with variation options

You can benefit from a powerful LED MTB light in more contexts than just for night riding on your mountain bike. You can also mount a set of bike lights MTB on your normal bike and thus ensure that you will always be seen out in traffic when the sun has gone down.

Choose an LED bike light as your main MTB light, and preferably the one you will have sitting on the helmet, which follows your head. Such an LED bike light will give you the best overview of the road ahead and the coolest experience in the forests. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a good rear light, check out our large selection here .

You can also find yourself in the situation that you need an extension cord or a bracket for your MTB lights – so find what you need here

Enjoy your shopping here at There is definitely an MTB light for you too and at a price your wallet can support. Otherwise, you are welcome to contact Easy-light if you have any questions.

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