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LED strips

LED strips, LED light bands , LED bands you name it, but whatever the name, it is an incredibly popular product – and with good reason. Read here how to use LED lights at home or in the business. There are lots of possibilities!

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What are the advantages of LED strips?

Led strips or Led Lysbänd as they are also called, are indispensable when you need a little party and color inside or outside!

But the LED strips are also suitable for practical lighting, emergency lighting and work lighting at home and in the company.

You can choose between single color (White) and LED strip lighting with many different colors and light effects and not least in different lengths 3m, 5m, 10m, 15m but can be cut to the length you want.

The smart thing about our led strip with remote control is that you can easily control the light with the remote control or a music-controlled controller. Then the light flashes in time with the music!

You can also get a set: led strips with sensor   – products with a motion sensor, so that there is light when people move nearby.

The prices are extremely reasonable – and the quality of Easy-Light’s 12 volt led strips is high.

LED light strips are easy to set up and you don’t need any tools! Fortunately, they are just as easy to remove again when you need to use them in a new place.

In addition, LED light strips are very environmentally friendly and extremely energy efficient – so there is money to be saved on the electricity bill year after year.

At the same time, the risk of fire is minimal because they do not get hot like the classic incandescent bulbs.

See the selection of different strips – and be inspired!

We always send your order quickly, and of course you get a 30-day right of return with the deal.

Use LED for decoration and practical purposes

You can decorate with LED strips wherever you want.

Use them as a different frame for a picture on the wall – or perhaps all the way around the mirror in the bathroom.

Of course, the kids also love a little light show. So how about giving their beds a nice LED strip instead of the boring night light?

It’s fun to play with LED, because you can change the colors at home with a few clicks. You can also adapt the colors according to everything you already have at home.

But LED strips are not just for decoration. They are also super practical.

In the kitchen, you can use them inside the cupboards, so you can find your way around even the darkest corners. You can also place them under the base of the cupboard so that you have good light for working over the sink or kitchen table.

In addition, LED can help you take good care of yourself and your family – or the employees of the company.

You can, for example, put LED strips on the steps, so it is easy to find your way in the dark.

You can also use LED strips to mark an escape route so that everyone in the building can find out in an emergency. Remember that there must be a connection to an emergency power supply.

and you can use our Streetlight set as LED lights for cars

Set up LED strips in an instant – and move them as often as you want

The LED strips have adhesive on the back, which is protected by foil. Therefore, you can easily and quickly set up LED light strips anywhere you want. There just needs to be a fairly smooth and dry surface, e.g. tiles or glass.

LED rails are particularly suitable if the space is very tight or the surface is not really suitable for mounting strips.


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Shop with right of return, fast delivery and full guarantee

In the shop you will always find lots of fascinating LED products for every taste – and at prices where everyone can join.

You get fast delivery with the deal – and of course a 30-day full right of return and a two-year guarantee on your purchases.

See the selection here and let loose in lots of beautiful colours.

Do you have questions or wishes? Then you are always welcome to send us one

email . We respond quickly so you can get the light you want.

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