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12 x Led MTB cykellygte sæt komplet med 12.000 mAh batteri og lader

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The UltraLED 12,000 MTB set contains the following:

UltraLED 12,000 MTB Super bike light set
1 pc. UltraLED platinum Battery pack – 8.4V/13,000 mAh Waterproof
Handlebar bracket and 2 pcs. O-rings for attachment.
Battery charger 230v with charging indicator

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Produkt beskrivelse

12 x Led MTB bicycle light with 12 CREE XM-L T6 LEDs ideal for mountain bikes

12 x LED MTB bicycle light from UltraLed is, with its 12 CREE XM-L T6 LEDs, one of our most powerful bicycle lights – provides a super fantastic light and ideal for a mountain bike or gravel bike trip on the dark country road, night running or a trip in the forest. Now it is almost impossible to stop more small LED lights into the lamp, but you never know!

NB NB. This light comes with a 4-cell 12,000 mAh battery pack

The UltraLED MTB 12,000 bicycle light is best suited for mounting on your handlebars and can be combined with eg MTB 2000 light on the helmet. The battery pack, which is connected to the light, can be attached to the frame.

UltraLED MTB 12,000 bicycle light set – Our most powerful UltraLED headlight with battery

The light has 3 setting options. 100% light, 50% light and flashing strobe light. There is a battery indicator built into the light – green: drive loose – red light – it’s time to change the battery or charge. The on/off button will change from green to red light when the battery voltage drops below 30%
The lantern is 100% waterproof in rain, so you don’t have to worry about the weather.

RECOMMENDATION: Find a battery for your MTB light here, because: MTB 12,000 uses a lot of power on the strongest flare, so we recommend you buy an extra battery.

The MTB 12,000 set contains the following:

UltraLED 12,000 MTB bicycle light
1 pc. UltraLED Copper Battery Pack – 8.4V/12,000 mAh Waterproof
Battery charger 230V with
charge indicator Handlebar bracket + 2 pcs. O-rings for attachment


Note! – Instructions for battery use 
Charger lights up red when charging the battery and green when the battery is fully charged.
It is recommended to charge the battery to 100% first charge before use.
Never discharge the battery completely to 0% before recharging.
Always disconnect the battery from the light when not in use and avoid slow discharge to 0%
Never charge the battery at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius

The light does not comply with all requirements in the order on the design of bicycles, which is why it is not recommended to use the light in places where the traffic law applies. The lamp does not comply with being able to shine with sufficient brightness for 5 hours.

Usage time: usage time of up to 5 hours v. flashing stroboscope light
( Usage time is the number of hours the light can shine, where it complies with the Danish Transport Agency’s order no. 114 regarding brightness. After the end of the usage time , the light should be recharged to achieve full brightness again) 
Legal requirements for bicycle lights which are used in areas covered by the Road Traffic Act.
A bicycle light must be clearly visible at a distance of at least 300 meters without being dazzling. The 300 meter rule is, however, a rule of thumb – if it eg is foggy, of course the light cannot be seen at a distance of 300 metres. The light must also be visible from the side.
A headlight may light up yellow, white or bluish. If it lights up yellow, it must not flash. If it lights up white or blue, it is allowed to flash. If the light flashes, it must do so at a rate of at least 120 flashes per minute.
The rear light must light up red. A rear light may also flash. In that case, it must be done with at least 120 flashes per minute. Both the front and rear lights must be able to light up for min. 5 hours with sufficient brightness.

Produkt specifikationer

Varenummer: 10027
LED type: 12xCREE XM-L T6 led
Materiale Aluminium
Vægt lygte 300 gram
Lumen: 12 LED (x 1040 nominel lumen
Lade tid: ca 4,5-5,0 timer
Batteri: 8.4v 12.000 mAh genopladeligt UltraLED Kobber vandbeskyttet batteri
Vægt batteri: 270 gram
Vejledende brugstid: brugstid på op til 2 timer v. blinkende stroboskop lys
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